On 09.29.2016 in Krzyżowa we organised international conference in order to disseminate project results O1, O2, O3 and O4. 125 participants outside the partners institution participated in the conference, including 13 guests from abroad.
 The conference was closely linked to the implementation of the project and developed in the framework of its products:
  • The reform of vocational training in Poland - Janusz Wrzal from Wroclaw Education Office
  • Short presentation of the project (project objectives, tasks and results) and the presentation of the results of the study entitled .: "Diagnosis of knowledge and attitudes towards dual system" (the result of the project O1) Iwona Machoń-Pluszczewska, project manager
  • Presentation of the results of O2 and O3 - programs, training modules and a guide for stakeholders dual system of education - Anna Block, coordinator of the project partner Grone (Grone Netzwerk Hamburg Grone-Schulen Niedersachsen Lüneburg)
  • The impact of the project on development of inter-sectoral cooperation for the benefit of the dual system in Lithuania Daiva Žiogienė- coordinator of the project partner from Lithuania
  • Presentation of good practices and the dual system in Germany- Martina Borgward, manager of educational projects Grone Netzwerk Hamburg
  • Presentation of good practices of the dual system in Denmark - motions and changes in the system, presenting the result O4- recommendations concerning the implementation of the dual system of education for the countries participating in the project- Claus Brandt Kristensen- project coordinator in partner CELF
  • Panel discussion on the dual education system. The panel discussion was attended by experts: Dr. Eng. Jan Kaminski of the Board of Education in Wroclaw, Stanislaw Szelewa - director of the Department of Education at the district office in Swidnica, expert Dr. Karin Kocher expert Dr. Jurgen Hogeforster- President of Hanseatic Parliament, representatives of the Ministry of Education in Lithuania and the Director of the School No. 5 in Walbrzych Piotr Krzywda and Paweł Ułaszewski coordinator of the Foundation ALAE.


The last project meeting of partners and international experts of the project was to summarize the project, work on the final evaluation of the project and plan joint initiatives and new projects in the partnership. Partners agreed on an action plan for sustainability of the project.

On 23.05.2016 in Grone Netzwerk in Hamburg there was the first conference disseminating the results of intellectual outputs of the project (O1, O2, O3). The conference was organised by Grone-Schulen Niedersachsen GmbH gemeinnuetzig. The conference was attended by 42 people (31 guests and 11 representatives of project partners). The invited guests represented vocational schools, chambers, employers and training institutions. Also young people a learning profession were invited. The subject of the lecture: design and the stages of its implementation (Ms. Iwona Machon-Pluszczewska), products of the project (Ms. Anna Block), the Danish system of vocational education and its challenges (Mr. Claus Brand Kristensen), special programs for vocational training for the youth group NEET Germany (employers, representatives of vocational schools, apprenticeship instructors, young people learning a trade. Moderator: Ms. Martin Borgwardt). The conference participants received certificates of participation and materials relating to the results of intellectual work.


International meeting in Hamburg was related to the work of experts and of the Consultation and Programme Council on recommendations for dual system stakeholders. On 22 May 2016 project partners met together with representatives of the Education Authority and employers. During the meeting, talks were held and discussions about changes in the education systems in Lithuania, Poland and Denmark in order to define new recommendations. The discussion was continued after the conference on 23 May 2016 disseminating products O1, O2 and O3. The meeting was summarized on 24 May 2016 with a survey evaluation.

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