has been managing Grone-Netzwerk educational institution since 2005 in Hamburg playing the role of Proxy. Graduated from special pedagogics is a certified supervisor and a mediator (member of the German Association of economic mediators). She has many years of experience in eduaction area. In Grone Group (68 branches in the area of Germany) she is engaged not only with management but also with personal development.

Her perfect knowledge about models of vocational education, combined with experience in creating new methods and instruments for professional preparation and knowledge of the needs of employers will enrich the project, like her precision, clarity of formulating thoughts, creativity and innovation.

Head of VET Department in Grone-Netzwerk in Hamburg. Since 2005 she is engaged with the youth education, enhanced and further developed the field of “accompanied vocational training”, is doing acquisition of communal and governmental cost-bearers very successfully and a great networker with high impact of motivating competences. She is also a coach and a mediator working as an expert in international projects, she is a manager of bilateral VET mobility project for the youth. She is an author of training ideas for the youth.

Managing Director in Grone-Schulen Niedersachsen. A high school teacher and an instructor of profession. He has many years of experience in the vocational training of young people and in the organization of educational process in the dual system. Director of numerous transnational projects on vocational training, carried out by Grone in Kosovo, Poland, Spain, the Baltic countries, with aims to implement experience and methods of the dual system.


since 2000 she has worked as an author, an expert and a coordinator of international educational programs. She advises public and private sector training institutions in Germany and Poland. Consultant of partner in the project - the German group training and advisory Grone-Schule, for which she coordinated pre-accession PHARE projects 2001 and 2002 in Poland (aimed at modernization of vocational education in the regions), numerous transnational projects financed by the ESF and innovative mobility projects. She prepares concepts of innovative forms of vocational training in Germany and Poland, based on the dual system. The author of publications on the dual system. University lecturer. Co-founder and member of the Polish Association of Monitoring. In the project she will coordinate the work of partners and German experts and support partnership quality.

has many years of experience in obtaining EU funds and EU project management; implemented her first transnational projects under the Socrates Lingua E in 1999; she has a university degree in economics (planning, and funding) and completed four postgraduate studies: in EU project management, feasibility studies, career counselling and translation (Polish- English). Since 2007, she has been a career counsellor and a coach; In addition, she completed courses in project management at the University of Bradford (2008), and held two international vocational placement in British institutions managing EU projects (Advantage West Midlands in Birmingham in 2004 and the county office in Stafford (Staffordshire County Council) in 2002. She has been working for the “Krzyżowa” Foundation since 01.09.2010 as senior specialist obtaining EU funds, the manager of projects financed by the ESF (including realized in 2014-2015 project POKL "Modern solutions in vocational guidance") and specialist on Monitoring and Evaluation of projects. In 2014 she was as Coordinator of Support Centre - an NGO Incubator within the project "Yes to the model of cooperation between public administration and non-governmental organizations in the district Świdnica" Since 09.01.2014 she’s coordinated the implementation of the project "Strategic Partnership for the dual system".


Sales and fundraising director in the “Krzyżowa” Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe; has many years of experience in EU project management - national and international, and innovative as well; in the last 5 years POKL she has managed 20 projects, including the " Trainer School for Teachers of Lower Silesia"," Inter-sectoral collaboration project for responsible business "," Euro 2012 impulse to modern management and build quality of hotel services", " Yes to the model of cooperation between public administration and non-governmental organizations in the district Świdnica" co-financed by European Union under the European Social Fund; she graduated from the University of Wroclaw, in the field of Polish Philology and German Philology, she completed postgraduate studies EU project Management at the University of Economics in Wroclaw, graduated from a lot of training incl. the management of EU projects.


Claus is M.Sc. in public administration and political science from Aalborg University and he has worked in educational sector since 2008.
Claus is project coordinator and International officer at CELF and has been since 2013. Before that Claus was employed in the private educational sector.
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