(Anyksciai Education Assistance Authority) was founded in 2004. It is a newly established institution in the region providing informal adult education. Anyksciai is a rural district in the East part or Lithuania with a relatively slow economic and social development. A new concern on the occupation situation has come up within the last few years since the economic situation changed after the declaration of independence and accretion to the EU. In today’s world of information and ICT there is a need of new competences sand skills that our centre is aiming at developing.

The main objectives of Anyksciai Education Assistance Authority are: to organize the qualification improvement work of the members of educational institutions and other communities, to initiate active participation in the educational reform and to help teachers who work with pupils having special needs: to provide information, consultation and recomendations.

The spheres of the activities are:

  • the advancement of teachers’ qualification
  • informal adult education
  • helping pupils, schools, teachers.

The Authority has been organizing all kind of activities: seminars (about 100 every year), courses (computer literacy and foreign languages, art workshops), exhibitions, projects, educational trips. Education Assistance Authority has been organizing all kind of courses and seminars for various people: teachers, unemployed, volunteers from Community Centres of the region, seniors, people with disabilities or for everyone who is interested in acquiring new skills. The Authority is co-operating with all educational institutions in the district. Education Assistance Authority has lots of experiences organizing the international workshops and lots of skills in managing local and international projects.

The Authority aims at providing the possibility for adults to continue learning all their life, be flexible and be ready to adapt in the changing world. Learning on the background of the competences is the main purpose of informal education. Participants not only have to learn on theoretical level, but also they have to use the tools and skills which are offered in the practical part of the program. It is impossible to define the number of adult learners since the number is changing constantly as some courses and seminars are not long term learning activities. During one year more than 2.000 participants attend the activities of the Authority. There are only 6 employees working constantly in the Education Assistance Authority. The central values of institution is need of clients, human-centred; freedom to choose our own way; know-how, development; balance between financial resources and needs; responsible workforce.


is a large, broad-spectrum educational institution, a regional technical and commercial upper secondary and Vocational Education and Training (VET) provider covering the islands of Moen, Lolland and Falster as the southern part of Zealand. Further, CELF offer the majority of short-term supplementary and in-service training courses under the Danish Adult Vocational Training Programmes. CELF is a part of the national Danish educational system providing training according to national legislation. All VET students follow the Danish dual system where training partially is carried out at CELF, partially as practical internships in the relevant industry. CELF has branches in the towns of Nykøbing Falster (headquarters), Maribo and Nakskov.

Approximately 3.000 students/year attend courses at CELF which employs 425 persons. CELF’s annual turnover amounts to € 40 million. The project department has executed a number of projects within the framework of the ESF and LLP with the same target group as in this project.


is the most creative fraction in the compound of the foundation Grone School and belongs to the biggest educational provider in Hamburg. Why creative? Because we are going unusual ways to develop new projects that are far beyond the pure means of education and occupation. We connect elements of “old school” and “freestyle” and offer a huge diversity of possibilities to qualify yourself for the next level of your career, to study further or to use help in any form.

We are achieving these aims with a big amount of engagement, strong will and intelligent networking because everybody in the Grone Network is always exchanging with enterprises, cooperation partners and of course among themselves. It is especially important to us to link vocational training, orientation concerning the profession and qualification with supports of parenting by the state, the focus always on community, satisfaction, mobility and participation. Our prosperous projects show how successful we are. Now we are also becoming active beyond Germany. We are exporting our ideas to whole Europe- and we are still developing.

is the biggest subsidiary of the foundation of Grone Schools. It is represented in all bigger cities in our region: in Hannover, Bremen, Osnabrück, Leer, Lüneburg, Munster, Buchholz in der Nordheide, Winsen/Luhe, Barsinghausen, Celle, Laatzen, Walsrode, Zeven, Rothenburg, Uelzen, Stade and Buxtehude. Thanks to magnificent contacts in this region, which were grown over years, and the trustful cooperation with institutions of the job market, chambers, companies and vocational schools Grone belongs to the leading nonpublic educational institution of Lower Saxony.

The educational output of Grone Schools Lower Saxony is a result of the coalition of experiences, qualifications of the employees and the faithful cooperation with different partners. Due to this, there are on the one hand quick reaction times to the needs of the permanently changing job market and on the other hand the adaptation of educational offers to the opportunities of the participants. The offer of Grone, which is based on all educational levels of philosophy in the dual apprenticeship, is extremely effective and employer-friendly.

Grone Schools Lower Saxony has longstanding experiences referred to the implementation of international projects, including projects that were realized in Poland, or more specifically with Polish partners.

is a Public Benefit Organisation whose statutory purpose is to promote and support activities aimed at strengthening peace and mutual tolerance marked by the coexistence of nations, social groups and individuals.

The Foundation has 25 - years of experience in working for civil upbringing and education and in the implementation of international projects, including artistic, educational, civic, sports projects workshops and seminars for the youth, students and teachers.
The structure of the Foundation contains the International Youth Meeting Centre, Teacher Training Centre, European Academy, Memorial Site and Centre for Environmental Education. The Foundation work closely with the local community implementing the principle of empowerment - in close cooperation with target groups in developing projects and managing the needs, ideas and grassroots initiatives (incl. development of social skills workshops and career counselling). Due to the location in rural areas (Krzyżowa is a small village in the municipality of Swidnica, Region of Lower Silesia, Poland) the Foundation examines problems and needs of rural residents, so as the result the Foundation’s projects are co-created by local residents according to their needs and by their ideas.

The Foundation is a member of Lower Silesian Federation of NGOs, CSR Employers' Association, Lower Silesian Tourist Cluster and the Lower Silesian Youth Council–it means that the Foundation cooperates with various cross-sectoral institutions and organisations in the whole Region what is very important for promotion and dissemination of our projects.
According to the mission of the Foundation, it is a meeting place and dialogue, full of life thanks to the variety and diversity of people meeting here, their ideas and actions.
Essential to this project is the Foundation's experience in building transnational partnerships in the implementation of intercultural projects and crosslinking institutions conducting research of needs, conducting research and educational evaluation, working closely with the local environment and the pursuit of grassroots youth initiative projects.


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